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Long John Mud Flaps

Rule the flap.

If you like things exactly the way you like them, then the Long John universal fit mud flaps are exactly what you want. But don't let us tell you that, tell it to yourself, after you've install them to the exact length that's right for you.

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long john mud flaps

Is it a flare? Is it a flap? Its both, man.

The Long John one-piece universal fit mud flap provides the coverage of a fender flare and mud flap. You could call it the "multi-tool" of mud flaps, for whatever that's worth.

fender flare mud flaps

High and tight, or long and strong, it's your call.

Adjust 'em high, Install 'em low, or set them smack-dab down the middle. It's your call, your Highness.