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Torin Yater-Wallace

X Games to
PyeongChang. Getting to know Torin Yater-Wallace.

Mike Delvisco

Whether he’s on a surfboard, skateboard or snowboard, Olympian Torin Yater-Wallace loves to glide across that thin, rare line where strength, balance and skill turn to art. But there are two thin and special boards, one on his right boot and the other on his left, which has made him the envy of thousands throughout the world, and which he hopes will earn him gold this winter.
The 22-year-old halfpipe freestyle skier, ranked 6th in the world, fell short and hard during the 2014 Olympic qualifiers due to one common and one freak accident. “My lung collapsed during dry needling,” he says, “which is like acupuncture but uses one long needle. That put me in the hospital for two weeks.” Torin only had a few days to train, yet still clawed his way into the finals. Then Disaster 2.0 hit during practice the night before the biggest final of his life.
“I landed too low in the transition of the halfpipe,” he says. “I slammed forward, head over heels, broke two of my ribs, and re-collapsed the same lung.” Broken emotionally and physically, Torin’s dreams were kept on life support due to the discretion of U.S. Olympic coaches, who made him the fourth member of the team. “I will be thankful for that decision forever,” he says. “It was an awesome and really amazing experience to go to the Olympics in Russia.”
Healthier and with four more years of experience and wisdom, the Basalt, Colorado native is breathing nice and easy now. “I’m really excited to have the opportunity to represent the United States again.” Torin is hoping to come back from South Korea with an Olympic medal to add to his collection of five X Game medals.
When he’s not training for Olympic gold, Torin enjoys the outdoors with friends. He uses skateboarding, mountain biking, hiking, going to the gym, and pretty much anything physical and demanding to stay Olympian strong. 
His 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO gives him the room and versatility he needs for his extreme, outdoor athlete lifestyle. “I love off-roading and being able to take my vehicle anywhere.” Whether you’re an Olympic athlete, an avid skier, or just someone who loves to hit the slopes every now and then, Husky Liners will keep your vehicle looking good as new! “When you spend as much time outdoors in the backcountry as I do, you tend to push your truck to its limits. Having Husky Liners protects it from everything I throw at it and keeps it in great shape.”

What Say You? Tips and Tricks from the Husky Pack

Mike Delvisco

Kyle Mason

I just went snowboarding at Ski Santa Fe here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Never thought I’d learn to board in a place like this! It’s a good spot to ride.

Mike Delvisco

Matt Walsh

I use Rustoleum Neverwet Fabric spray on my coat, pants, gloves, and hat! Neverwet helps shed all of the snow to keep my clothes from getting wet/soaked through. If you can keep your clothes dry, it helps keeps you 100% warmer!

Mike Delvisco

Gustavo Moreno Mendoza

The best way to stay warm is to drink some tequila!

Mike Delvisco

Rick Weitzel
I avoid the crowds by going a few hours before the lifts close. Everybody is tired, grouchy and on their way home then.

Mike Delvisco

Tasha Dunbrack
A perfect slope is one that has fresh snow on it and no ice. Ice is bad to ride on and hurts if you fall down. Also, I like a slope that's not busy.

X-ACT Contour®
The ultimate floor protection for your truck.

After a long day on the slopes, the last thing you want to worry about is tracking snow into your truck or SUV. X-Act Contour Floor Liners give you the peace of mind that when you get in your ride with snow covered boots, we’ve got you covered. These liners perfectly match the contours of your vehicle and bring together indestructible strength with a soft, comfortable cushion. So go sled down a double black diamond with a giant smile on your face, because Husky Liners are ready for whatever you throw at ‘em.