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Arielle Gold


THE BRONZE Getting to know Arielle Gold.

Arielle Gold

Everyone has a different level of love for adrenaline and pushing the limits. For some, it’s about riding a roller coaster, for others, it’s about doing something they’ve never done before. But for Arielle Gold, it’s about flipping through the air with a snowboard attached to her feet. “I’ve always kind of been an adrenaline junkie.”
Arielle’s love for pushing the limits has helped her be a worthy competitor throughout her career. She has consistently placed top 10 in world-wide competitions and currently holds onto four X Game medals. She qualified for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi when she was just 17, but her rapid ascent came to a screeching halt when she fell during her final practice run on the day of the event. One broken heart and injured shoulder later, Arielle’s dreams of competing were gone. “That was definitely one of the tougher experiences I’ve had in snowboarding.”
But the shoulder injury was no match for the determined snowboarder. “I want to make a comeback and ideally make it onto my second Olympic team.” A comeback is exactly what she made happened. Arielle not only made it onto her second Olympic team, but took the Bronze Medal is PyeongChang. After a close qualifying round, Arielle made it to the finals where she scored an 85.75 on her final run, earning her a place on the Olympic podium.
When Arielle isn’t spending her time on the slopes, she’s outdoors in the backcountry riding her horses, mountain biking, and yes, even kite boarding. Living in the mountains has given her easy access to all things outdoors. “I grew up in the mountains and have spent my life outdoors, enjoying nature. It’s been a huge part of my happiness.”
Arielle’s 2016 Ford F150 not only gives her plenty of space to store her equipment when she’s riding, it helps her haul her horse trailer. “I’ve always felt that trucks were a little more versatile. It’s nice to have that independence and mobility to take it wherever I want.” Arielle uses Husky Liners to help protect her ride from everything she tracks in from the backcountry. “Being that my truck is probably the most valuable thing I own, I love being able to drive around without having to worry about doing any damage to the interior or exterior when outside conditions aren’t ideal. Whether it’s the scoria (rocks) and salt on the roads in the winter, or the mud that I tend to track into the cab during the spring, the Husky products I own do an awesome job of protecting my truck in any conditions.”

What Say You? What's your favorite childhood memory of playing in the snow?

Arielle Gold

Barbara Riffe

My favorite memory is with my cousins and sisters sled riding behind my grandma’s house. She told use to stay away from her chicken house. Well that didn’t work out to well. My cousin and I came off that hill and went straight through the chicken wire around the chicken house. Chickens went flying everywhere, and our dads had to fix the wires.

Arielle Gold

Misty Weitzel

My worst wipeout was when I was a kid and my dad was pulling me on a sled behind our snowmobile. He ran me into a massive pine tree.

Arielle Gold

Sarah Harp

I remember going to visit family in Truckee, California for a week in winter. The cousins would spend all day outside sledding and building snow forts and snowmen. Then we would go inside and have cocoa and watch a movie. I love those memories.

Arielle Gold

Zach Anderson
My favorite childhood memory is all of us neighborhood kids getting together with our sleds and heading to the far end of the neighborhood. We ended up sledding all day!

Arielle Gold

Heather Terry
Sledding was the worst wipeout for me. I was being drawn behind a car and was going a little too fast and ended up in the snow head first!

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