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Garage Mat

Garage Mat


Husky Liners® Garage Mat proves tough, cushy and comfortable. It saves your clothes while serving up soft relief for your back and knees. Warrantied for life, it welcomes your worst. Standing strong against stains, oil, battery acid and even bleach.

Garage Mat 2 ft x 4 ft Utility Mat

Item # 11991 Charcoal $39.99

Stay comfortable while tackling the nastiest jobs. Our Garage Mat is soft like carpet, yet constructed from ultra-tough 100% polypropylene material to stay Husky strong for life. Shrugs off liquids and stains, so you can easily hose off oil, battery acid and even bleach. We chose a foam similar to what's used in life jackets, leaving you with zero worries of mold or mildew. Folds into a compact two-foot square making it easy to tuck away in your truck or garage. Born and built in the USA, warrantied for life.

  • Features TuffKnap material built with ultra-tough 100% polypropylene. Stands up to everything from battery acid to motor oil with just the right amount of give so it's easy on your knees and back.
  • Designed to fold down into a compact two-foot square. Easy to throw it in your truck and take wherever you need to go.
  • The Garage Mat is made of material similar to that used in life jackets. Won't absorb water, won't mold or mildew. Just hit it with a hose, pressure washer or vacuum and you're ready to go.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA, where integrity still matters.
  • When we say it's "guaranteed for life" that is exactly what we mean. No hassles, no guff. If you have a problem with this or any Husky product, we'll replace it.

This Product Fits:

  • Universal Fitment


I bought this for my husband because of double knee replacements. Kneeing is hard, it…
- Deborah D.
I ordered the front seat floor liners for my 2019 Land Cruiser. The OEM floor liners were…
- chip s.
I love the foldable garage mat. This is a big improvement from my tarp/blanket solution…
- Scott R.
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Product Features


• Protects your knees, britches, and back from all the grit and grime


• Cushy like carpet so you stay relaxed and focused
• Ultra-tough construction never gives out


• Hose it off, good as new
• Won’t mold or mildew
• Folds into compact 2-ft square
• Clean, rugged, and ready when you are

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: 12

Great tool. -
- Bryan F.
I bought 2 of these on a whim while I was shopping for floor mats for my son’s new to him car. I had been using a big piece of cardboard to lay on. Creepers suck. The garage mat is great. Seems tough and will last a while. I gave one to my dad who is a mechanic still working on cars daily at age 74. He loves his. He appreciates the padding and uses it to kneel down on while it’s folded to save his knees. They are just the right size for laying on and are very lightweight.
Great Product! -
- Scott R.
I love the foldable garage mat. This is a big improvement from my tarp/blanket solution before and much, much easier on my knees. Fit's easy into the truck and I can use this to get under the truck, tow hitch, and RV whenever needed without laying down in the rocks, dirt, etc.
Thanks Husky Liners!!
-Big Fan
Scott R.
Garage mat -
- Deborah D.
I bought this for my husband because of double knee replacements. Kneeing is hard, it doesn’t fell right so this makes it easier to kneel then lay down to work on our trucks. It helps to keep clothes cleaner cause not laying on floor
Love the mat! -
- John F.
I used it for under my smoker because it's oil resistant and fits perfectly. Thanks for keeping manufacturing here in US!
Awesome products!! -
- Richard O.
Everything I have purchased from Husky has been of the highest quality from their floor mats to the kneeling pads (NOTE: Kneeling pads are so awesome I placed another order just to have a spare...They are that good!!) I also ordered the box that goes under the back seat on the F-150 and this fits perfectly even with the one large floor mat that I ordered from Husky it's like they had it all planned out in advance. Great company with friendly and helpful people. It's not every day you encounter a company that hits all the awesome criteria. Will continue to buy more stuff for our fleet of trucks as the need arises. Thank you so much HUSKY!
comfortable to lie on -
- Leonard S.
Light weight, easy to put in the right place. Comfortable to lie on.
- Kristie V.
I have had other major competitors brands in past. These are by far best fit perfectly
Fast service and delivery time -
- Steven M.
Great service very easy ordering
- james y.
easy installation and fit
back saver -
- Randal S.
I now have 3 of these mats. They save your knees while working under a sink. I use 2 side by side while under a vehicle.
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