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Texas Fish & Game Floor Liner ReviewThursday, March 6, 2014

Husky Protects Pickup Floors. The March issue of Texas Fish & Game published a review of our X-act Contour Floor Liners. 

I trained my retriever to slog through the marsh and get my ducks, but it was impossible to train him to wash himself off afterwards. You know where that leads-to a muddy back seat in the truck. So I trained him to stay off the seat, and lie on the floor. That was better, but it still made for a messy vehicle. The solution? For Christmas my wife got me a set of Husky X-act Contour floor liners. Sweet! I was surprised to discover these were available, in the first place. My Tundra is several years old, and it's a Crew-cab. The X-act Contours, meanwhile, are custom-fit to exact makes and models. In fact, Husky uses laser scanning to make each fit exactly, for both the front and back of the vehicle. But they've done the legwork to offer quite a comprehensive range of liners for a huge number of makes and models. Once in place (which is just a matter of sitting them in on the floor properly oriented; there's no mounting necessary) they looked like they were straight from the factory. They didn't shift even when my dog got a bit hyper, because the bottoms have nubs that hold the liners in place. And the heavy rubber material is as rugged as you'll find in any after-market floor protectors. In fact, Husky warranties them for the life of the vehicle they're installed in. (Though the warranty does specifically state that if your dog chews them up, they aren't covered. Better put a rawhide back there, too). Now, after a day of hunting with the dog I can just remove the liner, hose it off, and have a clean truck once again. It takes all of 30 seconds, and makes life a lot easier-this is one of the best Christmas gifts I've gotten in years. And, while I won't mention this to my wife, I was also a bit surprised at how reasonable the cost was (sorry, honey, I had to look it up for the article!) at $100 a set. For more information or to find out if Husky makes a set for your specific truck, visit