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The Boat Doctor: WeatherBeater ReviewTuesday, May 6, 2014

WeatherBeater Floor Liners by Husky Liners

Every boater knows his tow vehicle's interior gets trashed with wet, muddy feet and food spilled en route to the water. After eight months of abuse in my SUV, the Husky Liners WeatherBeater floor liners were completely unfazed by the punishment that I imposed. Installing the liners was a breeze. They were specially cut for my SUV's make and model (bonus: the color matched my vehicle's color scheme). Patented "nibs" on the underside of the floor liner made sure the Husky Liners never moved during the test period. They also extended up the sides of the footwell to ensure that whatever was put on the liner stayed on the liner. As for the mud, fries, sand, spilled drinks and melted candy, they all washed off with ease. The accumulation of eight months of abuse was nothing that a hose, a sponge and a fingernail (melted candy) couldn't clean. The best part: The carpet under the liner looks as pristine as the day I bought the vehicle. Starting at $95.95; - Patrick Greenish Jr.