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Wed, Nov. 23 - Thurs, Dec. 15

Introducing the New Black COPO CamaroFriday, June 6, 2014

The new black Husky Liners sponsored COPO Camaro is a 2014 CRC car. The CRC stands for Camaro Rolling Chassis. It is built alongside the COPO Camaros but is delivered without a driveline. It allowed us to install the blueprinted Patterson Racing Prepped LS series EFI Patterson 427 CI Power Plant, it is factory rated at 430 HP and our DYNO tuned version of this engine combo produces over 800 hp which makes it even more impressive that it can transfer that much power through 9" Goodyear Eagle radial drag slicks with an A-1 3 speed tranny & torque converter. The car weights 3280 pounds with driver and to date has produced a very impressive 9.14 ET @ over 148 mph at the recent NHRA Kansas Nationals at Topeka Heartland Park. Todd Patterson from Patterson Racing Inc. is the driver.

With only a few runs on the car we are hoping for even better performances and possibly break the 8 second barrier in the near future. We won class at Belle Rose in BB/SA and have been a top qualifier at the 1st 2 events we have attended.