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Attention Husky Anglers!

Attention Husky Anglers! Categories:Experiences & Stories, Husky Liners, Husky Products, Outdoor and Recreation
Attention Husky Anglers!

Attention Husky Anglers!

We’re in search of killer fishing tips that the average fisherman may not be aware of. Those little tricks, family secrets and trusted techniques that give you the edge over your buddies. You can use a question below to prompt your answer or come up with something that’s totally all yours. If your tip gets featured in our new “Do What You Do” Newsletter, we’ll send you a free set of floor liners or mud guards! #DoWhatYouDoWithHusky

When fishing, what species do you target? What techniques are your favorite?

Do you have that one “go to lure or bait” that makes you feel like you will catch a fish when using it?

Do you have a specific season for fishing? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter?

What do you look for in the lake you fish? Weeds, rocks or wood? Do you fish shallow, mid depth, or deep? Do you have an ideal depth/ water temperature that you prefer?

What is your choice of beverage while fishing?

Should using dynamite for fish be illegal?

If you were able to take a dream fishing trip, where would it be and what would you fish for?

Submit a pic of your largest/ most memorable fish


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