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New Installation Videos Available!Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Installation Videos Available!
Dear Valued Customer:
We are excited to announce new Product Installation Videos are now available for your use and can be downloaded from the Husky Liners Dealer Portal here. These videos are product and application specific. YouTube links are below:
Ford F-150 5334, 5349 
Ram 53511, 53601  
Toyota Tacoma 5370, 5380 
Ford F-250 53301,53321, 53401

Ford F-150 1836, 1937 
Ram 9901 
Ford F-250 9971 
Chevy Silverado 1823, 1923  

Chevy Silverado 5688, 5788   
Toyota Tacoma 5693, 5793   
Ram 5817,5715   
Ram W/Flares 5818, 5716   
Ford F-150 5844, 5944   
Ford F-150 W/Flares 5845, 5945   
Ford F-250 5668, 5768 

Chevy Silverado/Sierra 1500, 0903   
Ford F-150-350 0928 

Ford F-150 7912 
Chevy Silverado/Sierra 
Ford F-250 7911 



All creative assets can be downloaded by logging into our Dealer Portal here.
If you are receiving this email and are not currently an Authorized Dealer, we invite you to register by clicking here. Once you are verified as an Authorized Dealer of Husky Liners® products, you will receive your unique log-in information which will allow you access to the Dealer Portal where you can download any of the following:
  • Vehicle fitment data (ACES) - updated daily, customize file type
  • Product data (PIES) - updated daily, customize file type
  • Price Schedule
  • Programs and Policies
  • Husky Liners® web friendly hi-res logos and product images
  • Husky Liners® product videos and commercials
  • Product Instruction Sheets
Thank you for your continued support of Husky Liners. Please let us know if you have any questions.
The Husky Liners® Marketing Team