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Pet-Friendly Car Travel For The Summer - Husky Liners Featured!Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Pet-friendly car travel can mean more than taking your pet to the vet. Consider taking your pet with you on summer vacation. Why leave him behind when you can enhance your family bond as well as save money on costly pet sitters and boarding facilities. Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and host of WSRQ’s “ The Pet Buzz” is here to provide top tips for pet-friendly summer car travel.

Is your pet travel ready?

Prior to traveling with your pet, ask yourself is your pet able to travel? Does s(he) have the right attitude? Is s(he) in good health and is s(he) properly behaved? If the answer to these questions is “No,” leave your pet behind in a boarding kennel or with an insured, bonded and insured pet sitter because you both will be lot happier.

Pet-friendly vehicles

Pet owners also need to ask themselves is their vehicles pet-friendly. Do it have low cargo floor and wide opening rear doors for easy pet loading? Is the cargo area large so that you place your dog and store your gear there? Does the vehicle have wide seats for comfortable dog seating to travel and windows for dog to enjoy the view? I love to travel in Subaru’s Outback and Forresters because they are manufactured by a pet conscious auto makers; they have funded crash studies for auto products to make your pets safe in cars. The Forrester Limited 2.5i shown on My Suncoast view came from Sunset Automotive Group/Sunset Subaru in Sarasota.

Pet travel car equipment

When traveling with your pet, the most important equipment is car restraint equipment. Car travel equipment eliminates driver distraction by keeping your pet in place. Crates in the crates in the rear of the vehicle is on option. Crashed tested harnesses are another. For small dogs, I like the Pup Saver. It is a rear facing car sear that can be put in the front or in the back back seat. If your pet is in an accident, it’s clam like structure closes down to protect your small dog.

Also, for cats, keep them contained with a Sturdi Product Pop-Up Shelter. Cats can lounge on a harness or a pillow top on one side. The litter box is on the other. Mesh allows your cat to see out and have proper ventilation. Accessorize will hammock, pillow, litter box and food and water bowls for a feline comfort.

Maintain a clean car

To keep a clean car, especially if you are traveling with pets, consider Husky Liners that are custom-made to fit to your car. Our FormFit Design process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of your specific ride. Laser technology constructs custom mats that are soft yet durable; Sporty and rugged, they keep the messes inside without damaging the carpet. Easy install with cleat that keep the liners in place. Most importantly, easy to clean, American made and guaranteed for life. Call (800) 344-8759 for specific pricing per model.

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Petrendologist Charlotte Reed is the leading pet care & lifestyle expert. She is a popular author, TV and radio personality and celebrity spokesperson, discussing the "What's New" for pets and their people.