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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore my liners back to their original luster?

Unfortunately, black color floor liners show dirt and show wear more quickly than colors—and this can make them appear dull. We suggest cleaning your liners with soapy water and a soft brush. Citrus based cleaners will remove any oily residue. To regain some of the luster, try Windex or a good quality automotive detailer spray. Do not use Armor All as it will make your liners slippery.


How do I restore my Husky Mud Guards back to their original luster?

Clean the mud guards well using soap and water. Once the mud guards are dry wipe them down with a good quality automotive detail spray.


Do you have product for my vehicle?

The majority of our products are vehicle specific, so the best way to see if our products will fit your ride, please visit our website at and use our vehicle lookup tool located in the top left of the screen.


When will I receive my tracking number for my order?

Once an order is received, it typically takes 24 to 48 hours (1-2 business days) for the product to ship out. Once the product ships, you will receive the tracking information via e-mail. On occasion the tracking e-mails can be seen as SPAM so be sure and check this folder as well.


What is the difference between the WeatherBeater Floor Liners and X-act Contour Floor Liners?

Our X-act Contour Floor Liners and WeatherBeater Floor Liners are both custom molded to fit your vehicle exactly. The amount of floor coverage provided by the liner styles is very similar as well. The biggest difference is the material. The X-act Contour liners have a softer, more rubbery feel, whereas the WeatherBeaters are pliable, but not as rubbery. Both products offer superior protection.


My vehicle has vinyl flooring, do you have a product for me?

The softer, more rubbery material of the X-act Contour liners make them great for use with vinyl flooring. The flooring does need to be clean (dirt & debris free) so the liner material is in direct contact with the vinyl floor.


What is a “Cab and Chassis” model truck and will your liners fit in these?

A Cab and Chassis model truck (also called a Chassis Cab) is a specialty truck that comes from the factory with just a Chassis and Cab—it would not have a standard truck bed. These trucks are often equipped with modifications to the  floor pans allowing accommodation for mounting hydraulic controls or PTO (power-takeoff) units. Often these features keep our liners from fitting. Please review the Tech Notes that accompany the part lists to see if our liners will fit a Cab and Chassis model. You can also give us a call at 800-344-8759 or e-mails us at


I don’t see my older model vehicle listed, will you be adding older models?

The demand for liners begins dropping off as soon as a particular model is replaced by a newer version. Because of the lessening demand, we do not often add liners for vehicles that are no longer in production. It is possible that we did at one time offer a liner for the model you are searching for. Google and eBay are good places to search for “old stock items”. As some retailers do not update their listings as regularly as needed, it is best to send an email confirming the availability of a listed older item before purchasing.


I see you have liners for Crew and  Extended Cab trucks, why won’t these fit in my Standard Cab? 

Standard Cab trucks (aka Regular Cab Trucks) often do have different shaped floor pans than the extended length trucks. This is often related to the fact that the “back seat” area has additional ventilation to heat or cool them. The duct work for directing airflow to the back is generally under the floor pans which causes the reshaped floor. 


Can you install Wheel Well Guards and Mud Guards together?

Yes! You can install the wheel well guards and mud guards on the same vehicles. We suggest installing the wheel well guard product first. If the mud guards are already installed, it may be necessary to “back out” the screws securing the mud guard prior to WWG installation. Once the WWG is in place, retighten the mud guard screws.


Feel free to comment below with additional questions and we will get them answered!