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Mike Delvisco

Doing it right. Getting to know Mike Delvisco.

Mike Delvisco

Making a living as a professional bass angler, seminar speaker, TV host and product endorser has kept Mike Delvisco extremely busy for the past quarter century. As a senior in high school, Mike competed in his first B.A.S.S. event — going on to compete in the Grand Slam and PAA events all over the country. His passion for bass fishing has spilled over into sharing his knowledge through educational seminars and hosting video segments. Sponsored by Texas Roadhouse, Phoenix Boats, Browning Eyewear and Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits to name a few, Mike appears to be in his prime, reaping the rewards of all his hard work. Mike spends nearly 250 days traveling yearly, either in his tow vehicle or boat. He believes the products Husky Liners® manufactures are extremely useful, practical and something every outdoors person should have in their vehicle.

When fishing, what species do you target? What techniques are your favorite?

Being a professional bass angler, obviously my target species is bass but I do have frequent opportunities to fish for many different saltwater species. I’ve had the chance to ocean fish in the northeast, south and west coast and enjoy it all. Back to bass fishing though, I favor techniques that revolve around shallow water cover fishing.

Do you have that one “go to lure or bait”?

I think as anglers we all have that one favorite bait we turn too to catch a few more fish or one that we have the most confidence in. I actually have two a Rapala DT 6 crankbait in Silver color and a Yamamoto Senko in green pumpkin color. If you have these two baits you can catch fish anywhere in the country!

Do you have a specific season for fishing? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter?

I fish year round but do prefer the warmer temperatures and climates but fall is a pretty special time to fish!

What do you look for in the lake you fish, weeds, rocks or wood? Do you fish shallow, mid depth, or deep, and do you have an ideal depth/water temperature that you prefer?

Most of the structure I fish revolves around rock, wood and boat docks but if I am on a lake that has grass or some form of vegetation I always focus on that first. That will be the most dominant structure in any lake that has multiple forms of cover. My preferred depth would be 10 feet and less and 68-75 temperatures. The great thing about bass however is their tolerance to a multiple of water temperatures, depths and type of cover they prefer. That's why there are so many ways and techniques to catch them!

What is your choice of beverage while fishing?

A boring bottle of water! It's important to stay hydrated especially on warm days and water is the best at doing this.

What Say You? Tips and Tricks from the Husky Pack

Mike Delvisco

Mike Longfellow

I use neodymium magnets attached to my catch-all ammo box to keep my lures and pliers secure. Comes in handy when switching out lures especially with those pesky treble hooks that tend to catch everything. I also keep my pliers stuck there - always right where I need em when I land a fish. I've even tumped my kayak and the pliers were still attached! Inside the box I've got a magnet holding my keys to the lid so I don't have to dig around. These neodymium magnets are easy to find in any hardware store and pack a punch! Obviously they need to secure to something ferrous but some good 3M double sided tape can stick em to any surface.

Mike Delvisco

Ashley Waters

I worked at a bar and I would empty the chicken wing blood in large empty mayo jar and take them down the river empty one out into the water then throw my line out with a creek chub and the cats go insane best idea I've ever had.

Mike Delvisco

Lynae S. Drakage

Keep it Simple. I'll spend half the day trying out new lures and fancy techniques, then put on a simple white grub and catch the most fish. A grub has caught me more fish than any other lure this past year!

Gearbox® The ultimate Tackle Box for your truck.

“The benefits of owning a product for your truck like the Husky Liners® GearBox® is that everything is in its place when you need it. When Paul finally gets the chance to be in the outdoors, he wants to enjoy himself. It is essential to him to not have to worry about his stuff. He is a really busy guy that doesn’t have the time to install products on his truck or mess around with things. It is great to have a product like the GearBox that is easy to install and then stays in place. It is attractive and you can tell it is made from great quality materials. More importantly, when you’re a fisherman, the GearBox is easy to clean and extremely durable. It just so happens that fishermen own and operate with a lot of gear. To keep all of your gear in one place and to be able to find it exactly how you left it is worth its weight in gold.”

Whether you’re an avid fisherman looking to get more organized and keep your gear from sliding around, or you’re the summer weekend warrior type that just wants an easy spot to hide all your garbage and gear, the durable Husky Liners® GearBox® keeps you looking clean and organized. At Husky Liners we deliver the ultimate in vehicle protection products, so that you can go “do what you do” without worrying one moment about your ride. Friend, it’s a big world out there—go explore. We’ve got ya covered.