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Model Names List of Best Used CarsMonday, September 16, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk, a premier online resource for car shopping and automotive information, recently released its list of the 17 Best Used Cars for 2013. The list is compiled based on segments, and according to Edmunds, Honda and Toyota were the leaders this year, with four vehicles each on the list. Edmunds based the selections on reliability, safety, value and availability. 

The vehicles on the list include the 2007-2011 Honda Fit, 2006-2011 Hyundai Elantra, 2007-2011 Ford Fusion, 2006-2011 Toyota Avalon, 2006-2011 Honda Accord, 2006-2011 Volvo C70, 2006-2011 Subaru, 2006-2011 Honda CR-V, 2006-2011 Toyota Highlander, 2007-2011 Mazda CX-9, 2006-2011 Honda Odyssey, 2006-2011 Toyota Tacoma, 2006-2011 Ford F-150, 2006-2011 Infiniti G35/G37/G25, 2006-2011 Toyota Prius, 2006-2011 Chevrolet Corvette and 2006-2011 Ford Mustang GT.

"There are a lot of popular cars on this list, and that's not a surprise," said Editor-in-Chief Scott Oldham. "Wider availability of a particular vehicle almost always translates to more competitive prices and better value for used car shoppers."

However, overall used car prices are on the rise.

Used Car Prices Rise

The National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide recently indicated that prices for used vehicles are on the rise, primarily because of pent-up demand and low interest rates.

According to Jonathan Banks, executive automotive analyst for the NADA Used Car Guide, consumer demand for used vehicles has been growing throughout 2013, and as a result, prices for used cars have risen.

NADA showed that used vehicle prices have averaged $15,113 in the first eight months of this year, up slightly from the same period in 2012 and up $463 from the average in 2011. According to the data, while prices fell 1.1 percent in August from the month before, this is primarily due to the seasonal slowdown in vehicle purchases. As summer comes to a close, demand for vehicles falls. However, this year will likely see larger demand when compared to years past as the automotive industry has seen strong gains throughout 2013, which are expected to continue. 

"NADA predicts that the rate of decline will be considerably less than what has been recorded for this period in large part because a ravenous consumer appetite for used vehicles is being fed by incredibly favorable credit conditions," Banks said.

As prices for used vehicles have been historically high in 2013, new car owners are likely looking for ways to keep their vehicles clean and well-maintained. Husky Liners® car floor matsare ideal for keeping an interior as clean as possible.