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Headache? Cure for what ails ya ... Husky Contractor's Rack Friday, March 19, 2010

Category:Aluminum Accessories

How many of us use our trucks for hauling? Yes, I know – obvious question and answer.  But, after the load is heaved in, strapped down and secured – how many of us think about the safety and protection of the cab?  I bet most of us answer "I Do" to that question. And if you don’t typically think about protecting your truck’s cab, you are now. 

Most of the loads we haul are taller than the bed sides and oftentimes have the potential of hurting the cab or the back glass of your truck.  Furniture, tools, appliances, building supplies, branches, the vintage arcade game cousin Jack just bought at the garage sale and items bound for the local dump can all take a damaging toll on the cab of your truck.  These loads could even shift forward during hard breaking or an accident – potentially hurting the cab, breaking the back glass or winding up in the cab with you. 

We’ve all tried the blankets, cardboard, tarps and strategically placed cargo tie-downs; but these offer minimal cab and glass protection. So, what is a good way to protect your truck’s cab and back glass from shifting cargo? By outfitting your truck with an Aluminum Contractor’s Rack from Husky Liners, that’s how.

Aluminum Contractor's Rack

Aluminum Contractor's Rack

Our Con Racks offer strong protection to the exposed bedside of your cab and back glass.  They are easy to install and are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum so they are very strong but weigh less than steel.  Each Contractors Rack is coated with Husky Liners new environmentally friendly finish – they won't rust even when scratched and keep your truck looking good for years.

Husky Liners Con Racks are specifically designed to fit your truck and give you the ability to transport various loads. Longer items can be angled from the bed floor and secured between the ears on the top of the Contractors Rack.  The louvered design allows for great rearward visibility and can even help keep your cab cooler by blocking the sun's rays.

Use your truck for what it was designed…Protect it with a Contractor's Rack from Husky Liners.

Made in America's Heartland – Proven the World Over.