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Husky Liners Rear Cargo Liner - The Ultimate Landscaping Tool ... What?Sunday, October 3, 2010

Category:Cargo and Truck Liners

Rear Cargo Liners from Husky Liners – Every SUV owner should have one…and here's why:

Andy Cohen and the folks over at Finish Line West build some pretty incredible vehicles: vehicles that run, crawl and play in the mud, rocks, water, snow and anything else that may be in their way.  In their spare time – they do some pretty good landscaping too; but they do it the Finish Line West way – Hardcore…and a Husky Liners Rear Cargo Liner covered their rear, in a manner of speaking.

If you need to move several hundred pounds of rock from the desert to your place for landscaping around the house – you could hire someone, you could rent a trailer or you could follow Andy's lead and haul that rock in the back of your 2008 Sequoia.  Andy didn’t worry about messing up the carpet in his Sequoia by hauling all of that rock.  Why? Because Husky Liners Rear Cargo Liners provide tough protection against almost anything you throw at them.  Enjoy the photos and check out the links.

Rock Mover
Rock Mover
Load 'Em
Load 'Em
Keep Loadin...
Keep Loadin…
Tough Protection
Tough Protection
Finished Project
Finished Project


Our Husky Liners Rear Cargo Liner took the punishment of several hundred pounds of rock.  Whether you plan on hauling rock, tools, equipment, sports/camping gear or groceries – you need Husky Liners to protect your vehicle.  Husky Liners are easy to clean and they withstand most harmful chemicals including oil, gas and battery acid.  Get Husky Liners for your vehicle today.

Protect your vehicle from front to back with custom molded Husky Liners – custom fit Front Floor, Second Seat Floor and Center Hump Liners are also available.  Don’t forget to check out our Custom Molded Mud Guards, GearBox interior storage systems and our new Headlite Guard