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Winter Weather Needs WeatherBeater Floor LinersWednesday, February 5, 2014

Category:Product Insights

Old Man Winter is not going away. The slush has accumulated, the ice, the snow, the sand - everything is now part of the highways and byways that your truck will have to traverse.

For most people this would seem like a bad thing. They would look at their vehicle and almost watch the value of it decline as the stains of winter build up on the inside and out. However, the Husky Liners brand WeatherBeater Floor Liners takes away that problem. Their superior protection keeps winter mess far from your carpets so that you can enjoy all the sports and fun that this time of year has to offer.

But this is not all that Husky Liners has for you; they are providers of complete protection for current model cars, trucks and SUV's. Not only are the WeatherBeater Floor Liners a ‘must-have', but Husky Liners also provides durable Mud Flaps for all trucks and SUVs. Because of the Husky commitment and dedication to your vehicle, the automotive aftermarket gleams crisp and clean in the winter sun because of the full lines of quality interior and exterior products they provide.

These engineers and designers at Husky Liners work hard on research and development. They not only create the best, but they also enhance their existing product line with each new step that science and technology takes. These engineers unite with the manufacturing experts so that they can always recognize, prevent and solve production issues, making sure that the customer never has to worry.

Not only are all Husky Liners products made in the USA, but when it comes to customer service and needing a question answered, there are many times when the customer is actually able to speak with the very individual who designed the part that is now in their vehicle.

To increase the resale value of your truck or SUV, Husky Liners custom fit technology uses the latest in laser scanning to make sure that all your surfaces are covered by the absolute best. The liners do not shift, and the tough rubberized material remains resistant to most chemicals, with a Lifetime Guarantee against cracking and breaking.

When it comes to the Custom Molded Mud Guards, you are talking about A+ protection for your vehicle's exterior doors and quarter panels. Developed and designed with the latest technology, the Husky Liners Mud Guards are form fit to your specific vehicle's exterior fenders. They are also designed for full tire tread coverage and maximum length, which keeps your running boards clean and minimizes flying road debris that comes along with the cold, frosty weather.

Quick and easy installation is a great addition to these accessories that are created from durable impact-resistant thermoplastic so they can endure extreme weather conditions for the entire life of your vehicle.

So, let's be honest...when Old Man Winter blows in, make sure your truck or SUV is protected with the treasure trove of Husky Liners products.

-- Written by guest blogger Jace Bauserman.