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Volkswagen Golf named World Car of the YearFriday, March 29, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

The Volkswagen Golf was recently named the 2013 World Car of the Year at a press conference by the New York International Auto Show and Bridgestone Corporation. This marks the second consecutive year that Volkswagen has won the award and the fourth time since 2009. Last year the Volkswagen Up! won the World Car of the year, the Polo won in 2010 and the Golf VI won in 2009. 

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"We at Volkswagen are all delighted that the Golf has been named 'World Car of the Year'," said Martin Winterkorn , chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. "To win this award again shows that the Golf is and remains in a class of its own all around the world. This car sets new benchmarks again and again, not least in terms of efficiency and environmental credentials. Soon, for instance, the Golf will also be launched as a plug-in hybrid and as a 100% electric car."

The Jaguar F-Type was named the 2013 World Car Design of the Year by the New York International Auto show and Bridgestone, highlighting the car's innovation and style that pushes the boundaries. The Jaguar won against 43 other candidates for the designation.