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Vermont gives preliminary nod for moose hunting permitsMonday, February 25, 2013

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

Vermont state officials are worried that a decline in hunting and fishing licenses will hurt the state's economy, Fox News reported. 

According to the news source, in 2000, Vermont issued 100,000 hunting licenses, which was the highest the state had seen. Now, the state has only issued 75,000 licenses. As hunting numbers are down, state officials are worried that the economy could be affected. 

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board recently give preliminary approval for 355 permits for moose season, which starts in October, the Berkshire Eagle reported. The number of permits issued for moose season is down from the 385 issued last year. With the latest alteration in permits, hunters are expected to harvest nearly 200 moose during the season, which runs October 19 to the 24. A special archery season, featuring 50 permits, will be held October 1 to 7. 

The board is looking to the slow the moose population growth in certain areas while hoping to increase numbers elsewhere. Moose project leader Cedric Alexander told the news source that Vermont has an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 moose with the largest concentration in the Northeast Kingdom. 

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