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Vehicle Management Software: Great for Any Size FleetWednesday, March 13, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Every year, tax season serves as a recurring reminder that you should keep your financial information organized. Whether you are a business or an individual, tracking all of your major activities and associated costs is extremely important. You also want to keep your data in a convenient repository, so it is easy to store and access.

With vehicles being such a large investment and vital asset to your home or organization, it only makes sense that you should apply the same care in keeping up with costs, maintenance and the various necessary reminders (tags, license, insurance, inspections, etc.). Don’t simply rely on a windshield sticker and glove box full of receipts to keep your car or truck in order. If you have just one vehicle or thousands, there is an easier and more effective way to stay on top of your fleet.

With fleet management software (also known as vehicle maintenance software) you can now store fuel records, service activities and vehicle details online using cloud technology and access the information from anywhere. Reminders can also be set to notify you via email when oil changes, tire rotation, or other vital services are due for each automobile - ensuring that you won’t miss required maintenance. Similar notifications can be set for renewals that are necessary to operate the vehicles.

Another excellent option available is linking your fuel purchasing cards, which allows for your transactions from the pump to be automatically uploaded to the fleet management software. With this data, fuel economy (MPG) can be tracked and costs can be analyzed for each vehicle. Since fuel is probably your biggest regular automotive expense by far, it makes complete sense to follow your fill ups closely. Also, with mobile-friendly products, you can conveniently enter vehicle updates from your smartphone.

There are a variety of options now available for managing both personal and commercial fleets. Prices will vary, depending on size, but a few can be purchased via monthly subscription at a very reasonable cost. Some are even free for the first handful of vehicles. Start being proactive today and make it easy to keep up with your fleet.

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About the Author   

Matt Chapman works at Fleetio, where he helps fleet managers and individuals make the most of their vehicles and equipment. You can find his articles on the Fleetio blog.

Image credit KDavidClark via Flickr Creative Commons