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Top 7 Factory-Finish Ways to Protect Your TruckWednesday, August 1, 2012

Category:Aluminum Accessories

Due to the economy, most people these days are keeping their vehicles longer.  Holding on to your truck for several more years usually means lower trade-in values when the time comes to finally get a new one.  Therefore, it is important to protect the interior and exterior from everyday life to ensure you can get the most from your truck and hold on to as many pennies as possible. 

Below are 7 ways you can protect your truck and keep it looking newer…longer:

1. Interior Floor Liners or Floor Mats

Floor Liner

Floor Liners are engineered to fit the complex contours of your vehicle's carpeted floorboards, trunks, and cargo areas. They are made of durable, pliable synthetic materials and have raised containment walls that will help keep your carpet clean even in the worst weather conditions. Fluid containment ribs and treads channel messes away from your shoes. This unique design keeps your feet up and out of mud, snow, water and debris.  Washing floor liners is simple.  They can be hosed off for quick cleaning, whether they're soiled with mud or a spilled drink.

Floor mats are typically thicker and heavier than floor liners. Floor mats use thick treads and a tall outer lip to contain mud and dirt while providing excellent traction for driving.

Because of their design, floor liners tend to cover more surface area than most floor mats and will hold more mud and moisture. Floor Liners are typically thinner than floor mats, yet the water-tight materials offer outstanding protection for your interior.

Floor liners are ideal for drivers who track in lots of mud, dirt and moisture, such as off-roaders, hunters, contractors and kids.

Find Floor Liners here

Find Floor Mats here

2. Mud Guards or Mud Flaps

Custom Molded Mud Guards

Custom Molded Mud Guards offer excellent protection for your vehicle's exterior doors and quarter panels. Designed using state-of-the-art technology, Mud Guards contour and form fit your specific vehicle's exterior fenders.  Full tire tread coverage and maximum length helps prevent damage to your vehicle while keeping your running boards clean and minimizing flying road debris. They include all the necessary fasteners and instructions for a quick and easy installation. Manufactured from a highly durable impact resistant thermoplastic, Mud Guards will endure extreme weather conditions for the life of your vehicle. A black textured finish and sleek contoured design provides enhanced styling for a factory look.

What is the difference between Mud Guards and Mud Flaps?  To put it simply, flaps flap and guards don't. Mud flaps generally have a single flexible sheet with a weighted bottom that gives when hit by mud or debris. Mud guards are rigid, which is better for repelling the heavier debris.

Find Mud Guards here

3. Underseat storage

GearBox Underseat Storage

Do you have a messy truck, full of clutter from the worksite or just everyday life?  An underseat storage solution is perfect for hiding loose items, reducing clutter and keeping your vehicle looking clean and organized. This unique storage system is engineered to specifically fit under your vehicles rear seats. Large capacity and removable dividers make it easy to store and organize both large and small items such as jumper cables, tools, car care supplies and whatever else you keep in your vehicle. The GearBox is manufactured using co-extruded materials consisting of a rigid durable substrate for strength and a soft impact-resistant surface that minimizes cargo shifting and provides noise reduction.  A black textured finish gives it a factory look. 

Find your underseat storage solution here

4. Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

This product is a revolutionary urethane paint protection film that is easy to install and does not ruin your vehicle's styling (body lines) like a bug shield. Protect the leading edge of your vehicle's paint from rocks, bugs, and scratches with the film. The application specific kits are pre-cut to ensure an exact fit when installed on your vehicle. The material won't crack, shrink, or yellow. Four door-edge guards are included in each Kit. This unique adhesive and installation solution make installs almost error proof. View a complete installation here.

Find paint protection film here

5. Headlite Guard

Headlite Guard

Wherever you drive, from city streets to country roads, your headlights are being damaged. Over time, your headlights become pitted and chipped from the damaging effects of sand, rocks and salt. Oxidation from UV sunlight can also cause your headlights to become hazy and yellow. This damage can drastically reduce the brightness and performance of your headlights, not to mention destroying your headlight's appearance. Today's polycarbonate and acrylic headlights are very expensive to replace; costing $150 to $400 or more per headlight… and that's before installation.

Stop this damage before it starts… at a fraction of the cost. Headlite Guards are a revolutionary urethane film that is designed to help protect your headlights from the sandblasting effect of flying road debris. Testing has shown that Headlite Guard's high impact-resistance drastically minimizes this pitting and cracking, while its UV inhibitors also reduce the yellowing effect of sunlight.

Headlight polishing kits are great for removing damage. However, they also remove the thin hard-coat protective layer inherent to today's plastic headlights. With this coating gone, your headlights become even more susceptible to future damage, faster oxidation and yellowing. Well now there's an easy fix. Apply a Headlite Guard after polishing to regain this lost protection at the same time keeping you from re-polishing your headlights every other week.

Designed with the “do-it-yourselfer” in mind, these Headlite Guards are 8 mils thick, vehicle specific and pre-cut, requiring no trimming to install. They have made sure to keep installation as easy as possible. No need to spend days training or pay some “expert installer” loads of money. By reading installation instructions or watching an installation video, you could be protecting your headlights in minutes.

Find Headlite Guard here

6. Contractors Rack

Contractors Rack

Contractors Racks offer strong protection to the exposed bedside of your cab and back glass.  Con Racks are specifically designed to fit your truck and give you the ability to transport various loads. Longer items can be angled from the bed floor and secured between the ears on the top of the Contractors Rack. Most of our Con Racks will also accommodate a standard size truck tool box. Some Contractors Racks can help keep your cab cooler by blocking the sun's rays as well as provide great protection to your truck's cab and back glass. 

When looking for Con Racks, you want to find one that is rated to support a load of 250 pounds, and bars that are channels rather than a tube making it easy to drill, wire and install light bars, antennae, signs, speakers, etc.

Find Con Racks here

7. Tailgates


Most Tailgates are contoured to specifically match your truck. They are easy to install and use all the factory hinge and latch points. How about fuel savings? Some louvered tailgates are half the weight of factory tailgates - helping you increase gas mileage. They are also easier to open and close - the center locking latch eliminates the need for two separate “pull” type latches found on other manufacturer's tailgates. 

Find 5th Wheel Tailgates here

Protect, restore, and maintain your investment with these 7 featured vehicle protection products.  What are your favorite ways to protect your car or truck?

photo credit: Shane Pope via photo pin cc