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Top 6 ways to truly protect your work truck and retain valueFriday, October 3, 2014

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

Deadlines, equipment, budgets and personnel...You have more to worry about than keeping your truck's interior clean during a hectic day. Let Husky Liners® do the job. You can protect the interior and exterior of your work truck or fleet of work trucks with the following products:

1.  X-act Contour Floor Liners

With the unique ability to work with both vinyl and carpet floors, the X-act Contour floor liners provide maximum coverage and a patented FormFit Edge to protect your vehicle's floor from mud, water, spills and almost anything the job site throws at it. Our liners have a soft feel, are easy to clean, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Engineered for vehicle owners who demand both superior floor protection and advance styling for their current model vehicles.
  • Unique ability to work with both vinyl and carpeted flooring.
  • Durable protection with a comfortable soft feel.
  • Textured and contoured finish for a factory look.
  • Uses all existing factory carpet hooks and fasteners.
  • Patented FormFit Edge gives your floor liner a finished look while keeping damaging spills off your doorsill and carpet.
  • Functional and fashionable raised arching ribs designed to help divert small to large amounts of fluids, keeping your shoes up and out of the mess.
  • Laser scanning technology guarantees the best fit for complex surfaces of your vehicle's floorboard.
  • StayPut Cleats on the back of the Floor Liner to help prevent shifting.
  • Exclusive elastomeric material that withstands most harmful chemicals including oil, gas, and battery acid.
  • Front & Back Seat Liners sold separately in Black only.

2.  GearBox® Interior Storage

Messy truck... Problem solved.
The GearBox® is perfect for storing loose items, reducing clutter and keeping your vehicle looking clean and organized. This unique storage system is engineered to specifically fit under your vehicle's rear seats. Large capacity with removable dividers make it easy to store and organize both large and small items such as jumper cables, tools, car care supplies and whatever else you keep in your vehicle. The Husky GearBox® is manufactured using co-extruded materials consisting of a rigid durable substrate for strength and a soft impact-resistant surface that minimizes cargo shifting and provides noise reduction. A black textured finish gives the GearBox® a factory look. Designed and Manufactured in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee.

3.  Wheel Well Guards

Husky Liners® Wheel Well Guards cover, protect, and enhance the appearance of the exposed underbody of your truck's rear wheel wells. Get a clean and finished appearance while protecting against the damaging effects of rocks, dirt, salt and road debris Easy installation. Made from highly durable material with a lifetime guarantee. Made in USA.

4.  QuadCaps

Protect your truck's bed rails from scratches and dents caused by everyday wear and tear with Husky Quad Caps. Each truck bed rail is protected by a 2-piece cap; once installed the seam is completely hidden by the cap's unique styling. Manufactured from highly durable TPO material... Husky Quad Caps are thicker and stronger than most other bed rail cap protectors on the market and come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking. Rugged styling with a factory matched look. Quad Caps include removable stake pocket covers and install easily with 3M foam tape.

5.  Mud Guards

Mud Guards offer excellent protection for your vehicle's exterior doors and quarter panels as well as the vehicles around you. They are developed using the latest in design technology to contour and form fit your specific vehicle's exterior fenders. These mud flaps for trucks are also designed for full tire tread coverage and maximum length helping to prevent damage to your vehicle while keeping your running boards clean and minimizing flying road debris.

Protect the painted surfaces of your vehicle when you install a set of Custom Molded Mud Guards from Husky Liners®. Included in every set of Mud Guards is our exclusive Husky Shield® Paint Protection Film. With the clear film in place before the Mud Guards are installed, you can help prevent paint deterioration and rust build-up between the Mud Guard and body panels.

The package includes all the necessary fasteners and instructions for a quick and easy installation. Manufactured from a highly durable impact resistant thermoplastic, these mud guards will endure extreme weather conditions for the life of your vehicle. A black textured finish and sleek contoured design provides enhanced styling for a factory look. Husky Liners® brand Custom Molded Mud Guards provide tough protection with style for virtually all of today's popular trucks, cross-overs, and sport utilities.

6.  Aluminum Accessories

Husky Liners® brand Aluminum Accessories are the perfect product to help protect and enhance your truck. Our aluminum truck accessories include contractors' racks, 5th wheel tailgates and sunshades.

Our 5th Wheel Tailgates are contoured to specifically match your truck. They are easy to install and use all the factory hinge and latch points. How about fuel savings? These louvered tailgates are half the weight of the factory tailgates - helping you increase gas mileage. They are also easier to open and close - the center locking latch eliminates the need for two separate "pull" type latches found on other manufacturer's tailgates for trucks.

Husky Liners® Contractors Rack help keep your cab cooler by blocking the sun's rays and provide great protection to your truck's cab and back glass. Our Conracks are specifically designed to fit your truck and give you the ability to transport various loads. Longer items can be angled from the bed floor and secured between the ears on the top of the Contractors Rack. Most of our Conracks will also accommodate a standard size truck toolbox.

Husky Liners® aluminum truck accessories are easy to install, manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, and are coated with Husky Liners new environmentally friendly finish - they won't rust even when scratched. Keep your truck looking good for years!

For over 25 years, Husky Liners® has consistently built superior vehicle protection products that last a lifetime. We want you to be able to concentrate on your work and let us worry about keeping your investment clean and protected. Husky Liners® offers fast shipping on all products with reliable, friendly customer service.

If you build it, farm it, ranch it, fix it, demolish it, hunt it, fish it, ski it, ride it, climb it, play it, explore it, never quit it and get in the muck and mire of work and play, we make Husky Liners® products just for you.

To learn more about how our interior and exterior vehicle protection products can help keep your work and personal trucks looking professional, visit our website.