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Tips for a successful camping tripThursday, October 11, 2012

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

Americans who are planning to take a camping trip soon will want to know the simple, precautionary rules to making sure the camp site is kept clean for future trips.

According to the Idaho Statesman, campers should be sure to properly dispose of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and styrofoam so it doesn't end up becoming garbage that lives at the camp site for years.

Camping experts recently drew up the Leave No Trace rules for backpacking, river trips and wilderness weekends that will keep camp sites clean for years to come.

The first suggestion is to use the areas that are designated for tent pads or other areas suitable for tents instead of pitching a tent on untouched vegetation. Also, if no designated tent sites are available, campers should choose the most durable surface that's available around the area, such as gravel, bare ground of a rock.

Trash cans should also be used to ensure trash isn't kept around the area. If campers are taking a truck or SUV to get to the site, they should make sure they have a Husky Liners® cargo liner for their SUV, considering camping can be messy and damage the interior of the vehicle if not protected properly.