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Super Bowl car ads had flying babies, Chihuahuas, Alpacas and a farmerTuesday, February 5, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Super Bowl advertisements directly affect automakers business, and a study recently showed Americans' behavior after seeing these commercials. showed that vehicles that were advertised at Super Bowl XLVII saw a 245 percent increase in search activity after their ads ran. Hyundai saw the largest increase, with a 1,004 percent increase in search activity for the automaker's Sante Fe following a commercial. The Kia Forte saw a 750 percent increase, while the Kia Sorento saw a 512 percent increase. 

"Hyundai really benefitted from their sponsorship and ad buys during the pre-game," said Rick Wainschel ,'s vice president of automotive insights. "While this percentage lift is attributed to the 'Team' spot, there's no question that the 'Epic Playdate' spot and their pre-game branding elements also helped catch shopper's attention."

Last year's Super Bowl commercials were a huge hit on YouTube, as eight automakers were featured in the top 20 advertisements and seven of those were debuted in the Super Bowl. 

This year's ads ranged from flying babies, genies, Chihuahuas, Alpacas and a farmer. 

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