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Squeeze the value out of your vehicleTuesday, June 25, 2013

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

When it comes to owning a vehicle, it's important to nurture it as much as possible. Anyone who has sold a car knows that the price they paid for the vehicle is likely not the same as what they are selling it for now. Once you pull out of that dealership, it's more than likely you will never get the same price for that new car. However, that doesn't mean there are not ways to significantly reduce the impact of this lost value. 

Husky Liners® vehicle floor mats are one way to maintain your car's value from when you bought it. An unsightly interior will likely send a car buyer running for the hills. While vehicle owners tend to focus on preventative maintenance when it comes to preserving the life and value of a vehicle, an interior is often forgotten. That's where Husky Liners® products come in. These floor mats will ensure a vehicle looks as fresh on the inside as the day you bought it, not to mention they make your time with the car easy. These liners restrict any stains and spills from falling into the cracks of your interior, making cleanup easy. 

KBB suggests using Quaker State oil 
While preserving the interior of vehicle is crucial to fetching the highest price for when you sell a car down the road, so is maintaining the engine. And with that, Kelley Blue Book recently specified for vehicle owners to use Quaker State oils to preserve the life of engine. The announcement was a first of a kind for KBB in its long 87-year history.

"During the past few years, the average age of vehicles on the road has risen consistently," says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst of Kelley Blue Book's "In fact, we've seen an uptick in the average search age for a vehicle on the website go from three to five years old. Knowing there are brands like Quaker State that put together products and programs to help consumers continue to squeeze value from their vehicles creates a connection that the Kelley Blue Book brand can support."

In addition to suggesting motorists use Quaker State oil, KBB and Quaker State are providing consumers with seasonal automotive advice online and in retail stores that will help preserve the value and life of a vehicle.