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Sales up in August 2014 for Trucks and SUVsTuesday, September 9, 2014

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

There has been a pronounced shift in American car-buying toward trucks and crossover SUVs. This change was even more apparent in August, with companies such as General Motors and Chrysler reporting that both truck and SUV sales were up, while car sales fell.

The US auto industry as a whole experienced its best August in 11 years, with sales rising 5.4 percent from a year ago to 1.58 million, according to Ward's Automotive. This was partly due to the rising popularity of trucks and SUVs, but also because of automakers discounting cars to offset the shift. That means good deals for consumers.

Chrysler and Nissan both amassed the highest sales gains with Chrysler rising 20% and Nissan up 12%. Toyota sales rose 6% while Ford and Honda each had a 0.4% gain. Overall Auto sales last month ran at an annual rate of 17.5 million, the highest annual rate since January of 2006.

Dodge is leading the pack with the highest percentage of truck sales improvement over 2013. It is no surprise the Ram has won back-to-back MotorTrend Truck of the Year awards for 2013 and 2014.

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August 2014 Sales Figures For Top Automakers
68,109 - Ford F-Series -4.20% vs 2013
49,201- Chevrolet Silverado +12.8% vs 2013
43,775 - Dodge Ram +32.6% vs 2013
19,847 - GMC Sierra +10.2% vs 2013
14,338 - Toyota Tacoma -5.8% vs 2013
11,834 - Toyota Tundra +4.1% vs 2013
6,770 - Nissan Frontier +2.8% vs 2013
1,347 - Honda Ridgeline -22.5% vs 2013
1,231 - Nissan Titan -2.4% vs 2013

Year-To-Date Sales As Of August 2014
Ford F-Series = 497,174
Chevy Silverado = 331,977
Dodge Ram = 283,256
GMC Sierra = 130,536
Toyota Tacoma = 102,736
Toyota Tundra = 80,133
Nissan Frontier = 48,510
Honda Ridgeline = 10,593
Nissan Titan = 8,719