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Ram shows off its 1500 Black ExpressThursday, July 11, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

The Ram 1500 recently received quite the makeover.

One could compared the difference to Ram 1500 and the Ram 1500 Black Express to Danny Zuko's character in Grease. The 1500 looks like the sweet, young John Travolta wooing Olivia Newton-John's Sandy on the beach in the summertime, until he returns to school and throws on his black leather greaser jacket.

The new Ram Black Express features a number of bold new features. It comes with black 20-inch aluminum wheels, black front fascia with fog lamps, black grills with black hex-link inserts, a black rear bumper and black Ram Ram head badges on the grille and tailgate. Oh, and guess what color it comes in? That's right, black.

"Ram Trucks are known for their bold, in-your-face presence," said Reid Bigland, president and CEO – Ram Truck Brand. "The new Black Express takes Ram's aggressive good looks to an all new sinister level by 'blackening out' the entire truck while maintaining a great price."

The truck starts at $26,955, with a destination charge of $1,095, giving buyers the option of the two- and four-wheel drive models, as well as a regular, quad, or crew cab body style. The truck is set to hit dealers this month, and those looking to add even more features to the already jam-packed truck should add Husky Liners® vehicle floor mats and mud guards, which also come in black.

Strong truck sales first half of 2013
Overall sales in the automotive industry were strong in the first half of 2013, but trucks in particular are rolling off lots like hotcakes.

According to a report from United Press International, the top two selling vehicles in the first half of the year were pickup trucks. Ford sold 367,486 F-Series trucks from January to June, while at the same time, General Motors sold 242,586 Chevrolet Silverados.

Another report from The Associated Press noted that pickup trucks have been selling at a rate three times faster compared to the rest of the industry, and they aren't slowing down. The report showed that Ford sold 68,000 F-Series trucks in June, up 24 percent on year-over-year comparison and its best June sales since since 2005, while General Motors sold 43,259 Silverados, up 29 percent from last year, and Ram sold nearly 30,000 pickups, accounting for a 24 percent increase from June last year.