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Protecting your car from cold weather damageFriday, September 28, 2012

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

Fall weather is quickly beginning to show around the country, which is a sign that motorists should take the steps necessary to make sure their car is prepared for the next season.

Winter has been known to give people car trouble, making maintenance a necessity during the fall when motorists can still take their cars to mechanics to have them checked and not have to deal with cold weather or the elements of winter.

Business Insider recently offered car care tips that will allow motorists to feel at ease this winter, knowing that their car is in the best condition for the harsh weather of the winter.

One of the best tips to make sure the exterior of the vehicle is in the best condition is making sure it's clean. With snow falling in some places during the winter, salt trucks often come by to remove the snow, which can also result in the paint of the vehicle being damaged. Considering salt can negatively affect the paint on a vehicle, motorists should make sure that they wash and dry their vehicle thoroughly in a shady place.

The source recommends using a car-care bar that is made of clay to remove any contaminants that might cause damage to the paint. Then, polish should be applied to bring out the same shine of the vehicle that was seen during the spring and summer. Next, a high quality liquid or paste wax should be applied to seal the paint. The inside of the vehicle should also be kept clean, with only the essentials being left in case of an emergency. Car floor mats should also be kept as clean as possible, as the material is often damaged during the winter by the salt and snow.

Another part of cars that needs special attention during the winter months is the tires. The tires are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the snow on the ground and the cold asphalt, which makes keeping them in the best condition a necessity if you want the best performance out of your car.

According to the source, for every 10 degrees the temperature drops, the tire pressure decreased by about 1 pound, which also makes checking the tire pressure during the winter a helpful to prevent from the driver getting a flat tire.

If your car doesn't start during the winter and its too cold to check under the hood, there's now options that don't require you to leave the comforts of your home. A new startup company called YourMechanic gives auto owners the opportunity to have their vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic who will come to their home to repair the car.