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Protect and Organize with Husky Liners®Monday, March 22, 2010

Category:Interior Storage

Contractors, landscapers, surveyors, veterinarians or geologists – anyone who uses their truck for work - We have the protection and organization of your truck's back seat in mind with this great combination of products: Second Seat Floor Liner & Gear Box storage unit.

There is a common theme on the truck blogs: messy back seat. Your hectic daily and weekly routine leaves little time for keeping your truck's interior in working order. You use your truck on the job and the back seat becomes a throw bin for a multitude of items. This makes it difficult to find what you need in the back seat and can cause embarrassment when clients or customers ride with you. Your passengers' can also make a mess of your truck's carpet. Boots and shoes put all kinds of job-site debris onto your floor. We can help you fix these problems with two great products from Husky Liners.

A custom-fit Second Seat Floor Liner and vehicle specific Gear Box storage unit will keep your truck's back seat area protected, organized and looking professional.

Our Second Seat Floor Liners protect your carpet from mud, water, dirt and oil. They are designed to fit the curves and contours of your truck's carpeted floor specifically. Because they provide maximum carpet protection, you don't have to worry about messy passengers' boots. Clean-up is fast and easy, wipe your liner with a damp rag; for larger messes, remove the liner and hose it off.

Your items will be organized and protected in our Gear Box storage unit. The Gear Box fits under the back seat of your truck and the installation is simple. Now you have useful and convenient storage for tools, maps, recovery equipment, jumper cables or whatever else you keep in your truck. Our Gear Box units are designed to fit your truck exactly. When the back seat is in the "down" position, your items are safe and out of sight.

Experience a winning combination - Get a Second Seat Floor Liner and a Gear Box for your truck today. Both are guaranteed to last the life of your truck.

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