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Preparing your vehicle for a fishing tripThursday, October 4, 2012

Category:Product Insights

Once you purchase your bait, fishing pole and other essentials for fishing, you must also make sure your vehicle is in the best condition for the trip.

One of the most commonly made mistakes by those planning on a fishing trip is leaving their rod and reel in their hot car or in direct sunlight because it could cause the mono filament line to deteriorate, which can quickly end a fishing trip before it starts. Husky Liners® brand sunshades can help protect your rod and reel while it sits in the car on the way to your destination.

Fishing experts also encourage being careful with the fishing pole, as beginners can accidentally close it in a car door or trunk lid, which would force a plan B to be put into action. If a fishing pole accidentally does get slammed in the car door, you can rework the end and use it for winter ice fishing. The damaged hooks that are shortened make great poles for deep water walleye, pike and crappie.

If you are going on a fishing trip then you should make sure that the items used are safe and away from any harm while also keeping the vehicle clean.