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Planning for a winter hiking tripWednesday, October 31, 2012

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

Families who are planning to go on their annual hiking trip this winter might want to prepare by getting their Husky Liners® car accessory products before they head out. With snow expected to begin covering hiking trails soon, mud guards and floor mats might become more popular to keep the vehicles that will be used to navigate to hiking sites cleaner.

One of the many hiking trails that will soon be receiving snow will be the Cascades in Tacoma, Washington. Anyone who is planning to drive above the 3,000 feet elevation line should be prepared for snow this upcoming weekend.

The National Weather Service recently issued a winter storm watch for the Cascades as a result of snowfall that is expected. The snow could be heavy at times and is expected to affect mountain passes. Meteorologists have reported that hikers can expect to see 4 to 8 inches of snow affect the area and likely stick to the ground, which could make for a favorable trip if hikers are lovers of the snow.

Considering families are trying to explore hiking trails before conditions get too bad, the Reno Gazette-Journal recently released suggested hiking trails that could be great for family trips.

Thomas Creek Trails is one of the hiking trails suggested by the source. White Creek trails can also be a great destination for families looking to go on relatively easy trails with breathtaking sights that would be a treat for any family. The two creeks offers kids and animals plenty of space and opportunity to play.

Considering the two trails are extremely busy, families might be able to make friends with others along their hiking trail, which should encourage everyone to use trail etiquette, including stepping aside when you're going up so the the hikers who are going down can pass.

Evans Creek could also be a great option for hikers looking to take advantage of a great outdoor adventure trip. The trail is typically dry this time of the year, although there could be some mud built up after the winter weather settles in a higher elevations.

Hiking experts recommends bringing plenty of snacks so the kids can eat and make for happy hikers. Keeping yourself and the kids hydrated should also be a concern, in addition to starting slow and choosing a short trail and emphasizing fun on the trip.