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Ok, Where Did I Put It? Extra Storage in My Truck Please!Thursday, March 18, 2010

Category:Interior Storage

I don't have to ask that question regarding items in my truck anymore. I installed a Gear Box under seat storage unit from Husky Liners and cleaned up the mess. Now my stuff is contained, protected and organized. 

All the loose items that you keep in your truck cab - flashlight, jumper cables, maps, rags, tools and the list goes on – usually wind up in the back seat, on the floor and rolling around in a jumbled mess. You need item "X" and you can't find it. You don't want to keep it in the bed and you know you put it in the back seat of the truck. You just can't find it. Eliminate this frustration by installing the Gear Box storage unit under the back seat of your truck.

The Gear Box turns the space under your truck's back seat into handy storage. These vehicle specific storage units install quickly and provide storage, protection and a place to organize your gear. They fit your truck precisely to ensure that the maximum space for storage is on hand. Save the embarrassment of a messy floor when you have passengers in the back seat, keep your items protected and away from people's feet and unseen by thieves - store them safely under your truck's back seat in a Gear Box.

When the back seat is in the "down" position, the items in your Gear Box are out of sight and safe. The black rubberized surface layer on the Gear Box is textured to give a factory look and feel. When you drive down the road, this soft but strong, impact-resistant surface helps reduce noise and shifting of your stored items. A rigid, durable thermoplastic layer under the surface provides long-lasting strength. Store anything that fits – soft enough for a digital camera or GPS unit and strong enough for tools or chains.

Available for today's popular trucks, the Gear Box storage unit is a perfect way to organize, store and protect your gear. Clean up your truck's back seat with custom storage…Gear Up…Gear Box…

Made in America's Heartland – Proven the World Over.