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NASCAR receives green partnerWednesday, October 31, 2012

Category:Racing News

Green Earth Technologies and NASCAR recently teamed up to provide environmentally-safe products to help fans of the motorsport keep their homes green. The two companies issued a joint announcement at the 2012 AAPEX Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The Florida-based green energy company joined the lineup of Official NASCAR Green Partners. Environmentally-safe cleaning products and degreasers for concrete, home siding and outdoor mold and mildew stain removal will be offered to NASCAR fans as a green alternative to use in their homes from GET's G-Clean. Pressure washers will also be offered by G-Clean.

"NASCAR is synonymous with high performance and partnering with them will allow us to reach millions of consumers who desire to keep their homes clean and green without giving up product performance or value," said Jeffrey Loch, president and CMO of Green Earth Technologies. "We are proud to deliver American-made environment-safe outdoor cleaning solutions and we look forward to having a growing presence in the sport."

NASCAR Green was launched in 2008 and officials who have played a significant role in promoting the organization have helped fans discover the substantial improvements and technological advancements that were made to reduce the sport's impact on the environment, which was proven to be detrimental to the health of the earth.

"Our NASCAR Green platform has been dedicated to integrating environmentally sound practices within the sport because it is the right thing to do for our fans, our business and our planet," said Jim O'Connell, NASCAR chief sales officer. "Through its cutting-edge development of environment-safe consumer goods, Green Earth Technologies has positioned itself as an innovator in the green marketplace. We will work together to create additional ways to reduce our sports' impact on the environment."

A partnership was established in 2012 between GET and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design and Environment program, maintaining its products as being just as effective as others, but safer for human health and the environment.

The motorsport signed an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency to raise awareness on the benefits of using green products and solutions that have earned the DfE label.

NASCAR's efforts to increase awareness of green energy resources have established the motorsport as one of the leading sports in sustainability across all sports in the country. NASCAR Green has made considerable strides to form strategic partnerships with teams, tracks and Official Partners.

"This is a great opportunity for Green Earth Technologies to reach our core fans," said Bob Duvall, NASCAR director of business development, weekly & touring. "We are proud to be able to incorporate NASCAR Green into every level of our sport - from grassroots races to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series."

NASCAR already features the world's largest solar-powered sports facility, a tree planting program that captures 100 percent of the emissions produced by on-track racing and the largest recycling program in sports. The recycling program partners the sport with brands such as Coca-Cola, Coors Light, Creative Recycling, Goodyear, Safety Kleen and Sprint.

Green Earth Technologies is planning to expand across NASCAR Home Tracks, which includes participation in the NASCAR Home Tracks Contingency program.

The motorsport is making significant moves to increase popularity and interest, according to NASCAR Chairman Brian France. Considering the need for increased popularity, NASCAR might consider IndyCar as an attractive sport to merge with.