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Most Americans want a car for ChristmasFriday, December 7, 2012

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

A recent survey indicated that many Americans are hoping Santa lugs a new car to their doorstep.

According to the recent Auto Alliance opinion poll of 5,000 consumers, 65 percent would like to receive a car as a gift this year, although only 17 percent of people have ever bought a car to give to someone.

"The average age of vehicles on U.S. roads is a historic high of 11 years," said Mitch Bainwol, president and CEO, Auto Alliance. "So we see pent up demand for new vehicles, and when this is coupled with low credit rates, auto sales have been more robust than the general economic recovery. Our consumer polling shows that many Americans have their noses pressed against the front windows of car dealerships, hoping someone thinks they have been good this year."

The survey even included popular phrases to hint that you want a car for Christmas. Of the respondents, 25 percent of people would frequently talk about how old their car is, 17 percent would throw a nudge or some other hint during a car advertisement and 7 percent would leave car advertisements lying around.

In addition, 65 percent of respondents said they would want to pick the car out themselves, while 25 percent said they would want to be surprised.

While many want a car for Christmas, most do not think they will get one, with 51 percent of consumers saying that no one in their life would give them a car. The people most likely to give a car as a gift are spouses, followed by parents, children, boyfriends, girlfriends and friends or your boss.

For those who already have cars, now is the time to prepare them for the winter. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes is urging motorists to have a well-stocked winter storm survival kit in their cars.

Motorists can also keep their interiors clean in the adverse conditions of winter by equipping their vehicles with Husky Liners® vehicle floor mats.

"While we're all preparing for visitors or planning trips to see friends and loved ones, we can make getting ready for winter weather a part of the preparations," said Leslie Chapman-Henderson, president and CEO of FLASH.

FLASH suggests including non-perishable foods in your car, blankets, a shovel and sand in a survival kit.