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Make Your Paint Survive with Husky Liners® Husky ShieldFriday, March 19, 2010

Category:Husky Shield

Driving 101: Sand Blaster

  1. Machine which shoots fine, powdered sand, glass or soda via high pressure air, used to clean or polish metal or erode/remove material from another material
  2. What one's vehicle paint experiences in the act driving one's vehicle down any given road, any given day, during any given season

Bugs, rocks and sand – They're out to destroy the paint on the leading edge of your vehicle. You've had it happen to you: chips and scratches on your hood from all types of road "sand blasting." Paint "touch ups" at the body shop are an expensive hassle. Protect your paint without ruining your vehicle's styling with a Husky Shield Paint Protection Film Kit from Husky Liners.

Husky Shield is a revolutionary paint protection film. It is a 6mil urethane film that is virtually invisible. Traditional "bug shields" are bulky, noisy and unattractive on today's vehicles. Like an invisible force field for your paint - Husky Shield is clear, lays flat against the paint and doesn't detract from the clean body lines and styling of your vehicle. Our extraordinary paint protection film kits are vehicle specific and they are pre-cut to ensure an exact fit when installed on your vehicle.

Husky Shield kits are the easiest to install paint protection film kits on the market. You don't need hours of training or a professional installer. Husky Shield's unique adhesive and installation solution make the installation process of your custom kit almost error proof. Most protection film, window tint and decal installers use a soap (baby shampoo, dish soap) and water solution when they apply these films and materials. In most cases – the material sticks together and if they are not placed properly on the vehicle the first time, the material can't be adjusted and the kit is ruined. Not with Husky Shield – our unique solution is not soap based. Our solution provides a longer working and installation time so you can be sure the film is placed exactly where you want it. Husky Shield material stretches over the curves and contours of your vehicle ensuring a perfect fit without wrinkles or bubbles. Husky Shield will not yellow, damage your paint, crack or shrink. It is backed by a 5 year guarantee.

Check out the installation video and see how easy it is to have great paint protection at an affordable price.

Lesson of the day - protect your vehicle's paint from the Sand Blaster Road with a Husky Shield custom paint protection film kit … Order one today.

Made in America's Heartland – Proven the World Over.