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Make-A-Wish teen lands 759 pound fishWednesday, April 24, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Sterling Ellis, a 19-year-old boy from Houston, is in remission from Hodgkins lymphoma. While he is scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant soon, the Make-A-Wish Foundation sent him a fishing trip to Hawaii, and even the brave teen got more than he bargained for in making his wish come true. 

With a little help from his boat crew, The Wild Bunch, Ellis hauled in a 759 pound Marlin 15 miles off Kewalo Basin in Honolulu. 

Ellis said he saw a big black fin, then all of the sudden he felt a big pull on his line. He said that his arm was hurting as he pulled in the monstrous fish. Finally though, after an hour of reeling the crew helped him lug the beast out of the water. 

"He was a little tired and that was half the battle, bringing it back in the boat," said Karl Adams, captain of The Wild Bunch. "We're one of the few boats that don't have a transom door but we do have a Jim pole to get him in. And it took all my deckhands and myself and two kids that are not that big to get it in the boat." 

The fish was 11 feet long and 759. Ellis is keeping the fish's bill. 

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