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Keeping your car clean during autumnWednesday, September 26, 2012

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

With fall weather quickly approaching, Americans are expected to have more debris and waste left behind in their vehicles. CNN recently offered some tips on keeping your car clean during the cold weather months.

According to the source, car owners should abide by the "Bring it in, take it out" rule, which keeps junk like fast food bags and coffee cups from cluttering your vehicle. If this isn't effective, you should be sure to keep a kitchen-sized trash bag available in the car.

The trash bags can be kept in the truck or in the pocket on the back of the driver and passenger seats, allowing you to have easy access if you need to get rid of debris.

If there are kids constantly in the car, there are bound to be spills and stains being soaked into the upholstery of the car, but making sure toddlers bring spill-proof cups and finger foods like Cheerios and Goldfish crackers should cut down on these incidents.

Another way to prevent stains, dirt and debris from cluttering the floor of your car is to purchase car floor matsHusky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats have been proven effective in protecting the interior of cars everywhere, and can keep your vehicle looking new as the day you bought it.