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Iowa pheasant season opener a successTuesday, November 6, 2012

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

It was an overall success as the 2012 pheasant season recently kicked off in Iowa.  Conservation officers reported there were better bird numbers, particularly in northwest Iowa, while fewer birds were seen in southern Iowa. As a whole, hunters were encouraged but not completely satisfied with the opening weekend when compared to years before.

"The general consensus is that the opener was good compared to the past few years," Mark Gulick, northwest Iowa district wildlife supervisor for the Department of Natural Resources told the Pilot Tribune. "Pressure on public land was moderate to extremely high on Saturday and considerably lower on Sunday. Harvest was fair to good; many groups reported about one bird per person with several groups reporting limits, some by mid morning."

Many pheasant hunters focus on the first part of the season to get the most kills but some will undoubtedly ride out the entire season, ending on January 10. These individuals in particular should install Husky Liners® cargo floor mats in their vehicles as the cold winter conditions tend to ruin a car's interior.

Rick Trine, central Iowa district wildlife supervisor for the DNR said that each hunter averaged nearly one bird on opening day.