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Idaho sees major hunting changesWednesday, March 20, 2013

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently announced that it is adopting some major changes to hunting for the 2013 season. According to officials, new changes have been proposed and will affect the seasons for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, mountain lion and gray wolf. 

As some of the changes were proposed by Fish and Game biologists, the department has responded. According to the press release, hunters will now be able to bag more elk and pronghorn as well as see and expand wolf hunting and trapping season. 

The major changes for elk include a net increasing of 2,331 controlled hunt tags, eliminating 71 late bull hunt tags in unit 11 in response to low bull numbers, increasing antlerless tags in Hells Canyon Units in order to reduce high cow densities and low calf survival, and shifting tags from nonresident allocation to resident hunters in Diamond Creek and Salmon zones. 

As for major changes to the gray wolves, hunters will now be able to tag wolves year round on private land in the Panhandle Zone, with various other season extensions throughout Idaho. 

According to the department, hunters have killed 245 wolves this season in Idaho, down from 379 last year. 

Hunters are reminded to outfit their vehicle with Husky Liners® mud guards, in order to protect the exterior of their cars.