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Husky WeatherBeater vs. X-act Contour

Husky WeatherBeater vs. X-act Contour Category:Car & Maintenance Tips
Husky WeatherBeater vs. X-act Contour

The floor of your car or truck is better off under a thick layer of rubber. That’s why we recommend using floor mats or liners as a way of protecting the inside of your ride. All-weather rubber floor mats are an easy, cost-effective way to safeguard your prized possession. Spills, crumbs, dirt and mud will become a thing of the past. Just wash off the mat or liner and the interior will look and feel as good as new. You also won’t have to worry about strong odors, mold, mildew and the spread of bacteria, which can be a danger to your car–not to mention your health

Installing rubber floor mats is a no-brainer for many drivers, but choosing between the Husky WeatherBeater and X-act Contour mat can be difficult. Both are considered high-quality products that will protect the floor of your car from all kinds of spills and stains, but they have some key differences as well. If you’re in the market for a new floor mat or liner, find out which one of these all-star products is right for you.


Before we dive into how the two differ, let’s talk about what they have in common. Both are water-resistant with deep grooves for collecting excess moisture so you don’t have to worry about spilled coffee corroding your truck. They also come with small treads on the back for locking the mats or liners into place. This way, the rubber won’t slide around under your feet, even if you’ve been out in the mud all day.

Both the Husky WeatherBeater and X-act Contour mats can be customized to the exact dimensions of certain vehicles. This is the key difference between a floor mat and liner. A liner will extend all the way across the floor, while a mat will cover most of the space. 

They are also comparable in terms of price. These mats and liners tend to come in a range of sizes and styles, including traditional and heavy-duty for serious off-roaders. You should have a variety of choices, regardless of which brand you choose.

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The main difference is that the X-act Contour uses a special rubber material called DuraGrip that’s known for its soft, pliable feel. If you like to go barefoot in the car and still have something to squish your feet against, this is the mat for you. 

The WeatherBeater is made with thermoplastic olefins, or TPO. While durable, this material tends to be a bit rigid, at least more so than the X-act Contour. It’s known to freeze up in cold temperatures, making it difficult to adjust or move around. 

Making the Right Choice

If you plan on driving in the dead of winter, the X-act Contour is the better choice and it's also great for those with young children who may like the feel of soft rubber. If you have young kids or tend to make a mess behind the wheel, you might have to take out the mat often to clean it. In this case, having a more malleable mat may come in handy.

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The Husky WeatherBeater is still a great choice for those looking to protect their floors, but it’s not as flexible which may or may not be a problem, depending on your preferences. These mats are designed to stay in place, so a rigid floor might be a great thing for your needs. 

These two brands also cater to different makes and models. Both work with a wide range of vehicles, but check to make sure the mat or liner is compatible with your specific make and model before you place your order. 

At the end of the day, many drivers likely won’t notice the difference between the two. Both are durable, effective products when it comes to keeping dirt and mud at bay. Only serious drivers and parents may notice these subtleties, so don’t stress too much over this decision. 

It’s all about protecting your truck from the dangers of mold, mildew, bacteria and everyday wear and tear. Both mats will serve you and your vehicle well. Find the right mat or liner for your vehicle and hit the road with more peace of mind.