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Husky Liners® Versus RotelWednesday, March 24, 2010

Category:Experiences & Stories

Please enjoy this personal Husky Liners experience from one of our manufacturer representatives, Tim Dickson in Texas.

Husky Liners are impervious to gas, oil, battery acid, and ... Rotel? That's right.

On the way to a party with friends, I had to take evasive action to avoid a deer, spilling an entire crock pot full of warm Rotel (melted cheese sauce, meat, spices, etc.) all over the back floorboard. Fortunately, the Second Seat Floor Liners in my wife's Explorer were on the job. When we got to our destination I was able to gently pull out the Floor Liner, dump out the contents, and wipe down the Floor Liner with a damp rag – good as new and no Rotel residue on the carpet!? The thought crossed my mind to dump the Rotel back into the crock pot – no one would know, right?

Husky Liner Floor Liners – great for protection ... not so great for food transport.

- Tim Dickson