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Husky Liners Floors Liners Saved MeMonday, March 22, 2010

Category:Experiences & Stories

One evening, while taking photos for our new Husky Liner catalog, it was getting late and I still had to make the hour long drive back to work. While driving back, I got the brilliant idea to just keep the company vehicle overnight which would shorten my trip considerably. This idea worked out perfect until … I HAD to stop and get my morning coffee, which is actually a 44oz Diet Dr. Pepper. This usually lasts throughout my normal workday. However, this morning it lasted about two blocks, when the so-called drink holder didn't do its job. While turning the corner I noticed (in cinematic-style slow motion) my beverage was starting to tip! The problem was, as I attempted to catch the cup, my arms also seemed to be moving in slow motion. As my fingers grazed the cup it fell completely out of the "holder" and hit the floor (and possibly the "fan") spilling the entire contents on the floorboard. Of course the normal panic mixed with anger set in, which only got worse when I remembered that this wasn’t my vehicle. I immediately pulled off the road to inspect the mess. After carefully pulling out the Floor Liner and dumping all the liquid on the ground, I was relieved to find that the liner had caught 100% of the drink, with nothing on the carpet. Well to be honest probably 99%. There were a few drops on my pants, but that doesn’t count, we protect carpet … not your khakis.

At this point, I know what you’re wondering … well don't. The ladies at the gas station let me refill it for free.

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