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How to look good on Earth DayMonday, April 22, 2013

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

Earth Day has finally arrived giving Americans a chance to show off just how good they are at being green.

Being environmentally conscious has become mainstream, even your blender might somehow help reduce CO2 emissions from getting into the air. However, according to research from Mintel​, nearly one in five (19 percent) of Americans are only are buying green stuff, just because these days, it's cool to help the environment, while nearly one of four (24 percent) said they have purchased a green product to show others they are making responsible decisions when it comes to the environment. 

"Clearly, avoiding a potential negative perception from others drives at least some green behaviors," said Fiona O'Donnell, lifestyles and leisure analyst at Mintel. "On one hand, the green movement benefits from the social pressures that many consumers feel to go green. On the other hand, because some consumers are acting in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid a negative stigma—and not truly out of concern for the environment—once the social pressure is removed, green behaviors are less likely to stick."

Hybrid owners green-minded yet economical
Despite only representing just 1 percent of the auto market, hybrid vehicles have seen substantial market growth over the last few years. In honor of Earth Day, Experian released data of how significantly the market grew in 2012 and how these drivers are environmentally conscious, but at the same time, cool when it comes to financing.

"Hybrid vehicle owners have long been perceived as environmentally conscience consumers," said Melinda Zabritski, Experian's director of automotive credit. "While they may have made the vehicle purchase due to caring for the environment, our research shows that hybrid owners are economically minded as well. Hybrid owners tend to have outstanding credit histories, which also has enabled them to obtain financing at lower rates than typical consumers."

Looking good with floor mats in that Prius or Insight
The economically and environmentally savvy Toyota Prius or Honda Insight driver can look good on Earth Day and use that extra money they are saving on gas to purchase Husky Liners® car floor mats. While everyone and everything is going green this Earth Day, a vehicle can stand above the rest having a clean interior. You wouldn't want to have a clean car, which runs on clean energy, to have a dirty interior would you? Didn't think so. Keep stains and spills off your cars interior, to keep it clean at all costs.