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Ford leads in commercial vehicle market shareTuesday, September 10, 2013

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

A recent Experian report showed that Ford held the largest share of the commercial vehicle market in the second quarter.

According to the data, Ford vehicles accounted for nearly 21 percent of the total commercial vehicle market, topping any other automaker.

"While the number of commercial vehicles on the road pales in comparison to the number of passenger cars and light trucks, as the data shows, the medium- and heavy-duty market is just as complex and is primed for growth opportunities," said Marty Miller, senior manager for Experian Automotive. "As a result, we've added medium- and heavy-duty truck information to our Vehicles in Operation (VIO) database. Combined with our existing data on passenger cars, light trucks and motorsport vehicles, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket part companies will now have a complete view of all vehicle types on the road."

The report also indicated that the current age of all commercial vehicles averaged 11.9 years old during the second quarter.

Commercial vehicle registrations rose
A separate survey from Polk showed that used commercial vehicle registrations increased 9 percent during the first half of the year on a year-over-year comparison.

According to the data, there were a total of nearly 357,100 used commercial vehicle registrations in the first six months of 2013, while second-quarter registrations were the highest they'd been since the second quarter of 2011.

"The strength of used commercial vehicle transactions during the first half of the calendar year reflects a competitive market for clean used equipment as it becomes available," said Gary Meteer, director of aftermarket and commercial vehicle solutions at Polk. "Our analysis indicates that the majority of these transactions represent the replacement of older equipment in the commercial vehicle population versus adding to the total vehicle population."

The report showed that used transactions accounted for 56.7 percent of total commercial vehicle sales. As the age of fleet vehicles is nearly 12 years old and these cars tend to take a beating over their lifetime, some added protection is a good idea to preserve their value.

Accessories available for commercial vehicles
Owners of commercial vehicles can take preventative measures to safeguard their aging fleet. Husky Liners® vehicle floor mats will ensure a vehicle's interior stays untouched by spills and anything else that might damage a carpet. Fleet owners will find their vehicles' quality is maintained with these products.