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Ford Ranger wins International Pick-Up Award 2013Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Category:Car Enthusiast Talk

The Ford Ranger recently won the International Pick-Up Award 2013 by a panel of judges who unanimously voted for it based upon its on- and off- road capability, payload, engine line up, towing capacity and safety.

The Ranger won the award for its versatility on and off the road, as well as its economical engines that do not give up on performance. The truck offers three different cab sizes including double, super and regular. In addition, the Ranger improved its payload and has class leading towing abilities.

Truck owners are encouraged to winterize their vehicle before the cold weather hits. In order to protect interiors from damage, Husky Liners® cargo floor mats are available, keeping spills on the liner and off your carpet.

"Today's cars and trucks are overall more reliable than ever before," Dan Woods, host and producer of Speed's Chop Cut Rebuild series, told the Journal Sentinel. "Still, certain systems in all vehicles are more susceptible to cold, snow and ice. It's important to prepare those systems to handle colder weather."

Car owners should take precautions now in order to save on costly repairs later down the road.