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Floor Liner vs. Floor Mat: Which Is Right for You?

Floor Liner vs. Floor Mat: Which Is Right for You? Categories:Car & Maintenance Tips, Car Enthusiast Talk, Carpet Protection, Husky Liners
Floor Liner vs. Floor Mat: Which Is Right for You?

Protecting your vehicle from spills, drips and excess moisture will help you make the most of every ride. Whether you’re looking for something to soak up the snow and mud from your boots or you’re worried about accidentally spilling a hot cup of coffee on your floorboards, it’s best to install custom-fit car floor liners or mats. These products are made with tough-as-nails, durable rubber so you don’t have to worry about tracking in a mess when you get behind the wheel. It’s the perfect choice if you love to explore the great outdoors or you constantly find yourself in muddy conditions. 

If you’re new to the world of floor mats and liners, you might not know the differences between the two. Each come with their fair share of benefits, but it’s all about finding the right type of floor protection for your vehicle. Use this guide to get started and then say goodbye to soggy floors for good.

Why Floor Protection?

Tracking excess water, mud and snow into your vehicle may seem like more of a big deal than anything else, but everyday spills can ruin the interior of your vehicle over time. If all this moisture gets into the floor of your car, it could lead to the spread of mold as well as severe mechanical and electrical problems. Once water gets into the electrical system, it can seep under the distributor caps and prevent the distributor from relaying electrical signals to the spark plugs.

Floor liners and mats protect the floor of your vehicle from excess fluid so it doesn’t get absorbed into the body of your vehicle. Mats and liners make it easy to remove snow, water and other spills and leaks. Just pull out the liner or mat, clean it off and the interior of your car will be as good as new. 

At the end of the day, floor mats and liners are much less expensive than repairing the floor and body of your vehicle, which could easily cost you several thousand dollars or more–especially if your car has been completely flooded. 

Husky Floor mat

The Case for Floor Liners

Just as the name implies, floor liners are designed to line every square inch of the floor of your vehicle. They are traditionally custom made, which means developers will need to scan the floor of your truck or SUV to create a liner that perfectly matches the contours of your vehicle. 

Floor liners provide comprehensive protection when it comes to soaking up spills and excess moisture. By extending across the floor, these products leave nothing to chance. You don’t have to worry about water, mud and snow slipping in between the cracks of the liners and ruining the floor of your vehicle. They use high bolsters to collect and trap liquid on the surface of the liner so it doesn’t spill over into the carpet underneath. 

Small spikes on the bottom of the liner cling to the floor of your vehicle, meaning they won’t shift or slide around under your feet. Floor liners lock in place, essentially becoming a permanent addition to your vehicle. However, you can easily pull them out and clean off the liner when necessary. 

The Case for Floor Mats

Floor mats offer similar levels of moisture protection, but they are not usually custom-designed for individual drivers. Instead of having developers measure and scan the exact dimensions of your vehicle, you can simply order a premade floor mat in person or online. This keeps manufacturing costs as low as possible so floor mats tend to be much cheaper than floor liners. They come in a range of sizes and styles so you can still find mats that contour to the shape and size of your vehicle. 

Washing floor liner

Floor mats tend to be more malleable and flexible than floor liners. By not adhering to the exact dimensions of your vehicle, there’s a chance they may slide around under your feet. However, mats are much easier to remove and swap out than floor liners. You don’t have to worry as much about locking the mat into the perfect position. Just lay it down under your feet and start driving.

Instead of using high bolsters to collect and redirect fluid, floor mats use deep chambers embedded in the rubber to quickly absorb and retain fluid. If your vehicle starts to fill up with mud and snow, just pull the mat out and let the water drip onto the driveway or sidewalk. Wipe it off with a dry cloth and you’ll be on your way before you know it.

Making Your Decision

Choosing between the two all depends on how much protection you need for your vehicle. 

If you’re constantly driving into the middle of nowhere and your car is always full of mud and snow, it’s best to go with car floor liners for maximum moisture protection. Liners are also the preferred choice if you’re worried about spilling entire beverages onto the floor of your car. If you have small kids and a brand-new truck or SUV, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. It’s hard to avoid eating and drinking in the car, especially when your little ones get hungry or thirsty. Keep your kids happy and your mind at ease with our FormFit Design liners. With a floor liner, you can stop worrying about spills and concentrate on the road. Floor liners will also come in handy if you love sipping a beverage while driving on bumpy gravel roads and off-road trails.

You might be more interested in floor mats if you don’t need as much protection for your vehicle. You won’t have to spend as much money, and you can order mats right away. Floor mats will still protect the front and backseat from excess moisture. They just won’t extend to the edges of the floor. 

If you’re looking for rugged vehicle protection that’s guaranteed for life, invest in floor mats and liners today to safeguard your vehicle from the elements. You can hit the trail or take off on a family road trip with more peace of mind.