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Fishing season around the cornerFriday, October 19, 2012

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

Americans who are looking to go on vacation this fall might find it worth their while to break out the fishing poles and put on their fishing gear to enjoy the coastal fishing season.

But before you take to the water for that big catch, you may want to fuel up on caffeine so you don't experience the same fate as John Candy and Dan Aykroyd in the film The Great Outdoors when they awoke after passing out in their fishing boat, covered in leeches from head to toe. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, autumn's cooling water temperatures and shorter hours of daylight improve the view of the water and larger fish move out of the deep water areas where they spend much of the summer, on flats and around oyster reefs.

With so many fishermen and women expected to take advantage of the great fishing conditions during the fall, they should make sure they have their vehicles ready for any condition, especially if traveling at night when they should have their Husky Liners® Headlite Guard to prevent headlights from getting dirty and car floor mats to avoid from damaging the interior of their vehicle.

In preparation for a fishing trip, fishing experts recommend keeping handy a small cooler to keep in the trunk of the car just in case. Fishermen and women should also be sure to have an emergency kit and plenty of equipment, such as poles, hooks, weights and bobbers.