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Fact: It costs more to own and operate a vehicle these daysWednesday, May 1, 2013

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

AAA's recently released Your Driving costs study revealed that its costs 1.96 percent more to own and operate a sedan this year than it did last year. 

"Many factors go into the cost calculation of owning and operating a vehicle," said John Nielsen, AAA Director of Automotive Engineering and Repair. "This year, changes in maintenance, fuel and insurance costs resulted in the increase to just over 60 cents a mile. Before you make any vehicle purchase, it is important to determine ownership and operational costs and compare them to your current and future financial situation."

The study also showed that maintenance costs are up. According to the data, in 2013 it cost 4.97 cents more per mile for the average sedan owner when compared to 2012. 

While maintaining the resale value of vehicle is crucial to keeping more money in your pocket, car owners should look into Husky Liners® vehicle floor mats to protect their car's interior. 

As a separate study, CarMD's 2013 Vehicle Health Index, showed that the cost of repairing cars increased 10 percent from 1996 to 2012 model vehicles to an average of $367.84 per repair, the need for preventative maintenance and floor mats is evident.