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Car owners prefer independent shops to dealers for repairsThursday, January 24, 2013

Category:Car & Maintenance Tips

A recent survey shows that Americans trust independent auto repair shops over dealerships by a staggering amount. 

According to the survey conducted by, consumers admitted to be satisfied with a dealership experience but showed they trust independent repair shops twice as much as dealers. When it came down to it, better prices were what set independent repair shops apart from dealers. 

Of the survey respondents, 80 percent indicated that they felt they were overcharged by their dealer, while 90 percent said they believe they could save at least 10 percent by visiting an independent shop. In fact, most auto owners who went to the dealership for service cited that it was only because their vehicle was under warranty or recall. Of the respondents who actually conducted price comparison between their dealer and independent shops, 87 percent said that the independent dealer's quotes were more affordable. 

With Americans hanging onto their cars longer than ever before, it can save a lot of money down the road to take precautions in vehicle care now. Husky Liners® custom fit floor mats are the best way to keep a car's interior looking like the day it pulled off the lot. These liners keep spills off a carpet and out of the vehicle's doorsill, making cleaning easy and preserving the resale value of a car. 

 "It is no secret that consumers are holding onto their vehicles for record lengths of time, meaning more and more visits to the repair shop or dealer service center," said Brian Hafer, vice president of marketing for "We conducted this snapshot survey to provide a window into how today's car owners feel about their repair shop/dealership service center options, and found that price and relationships are making consumers push the independent trigger - unless their vehicle is under a dealership warranty. But, with so many aging cars now falling outside the warranty, this survey indicates that consumers are going to compare repair quotes - and then go where they believe the price is right."

Know a car's owners manual

In addition to saving money by having auto repairs done at an independent dealer and safeguarding a vehicle from damage, auto owners are encouraged to read their vehicle's owner's manual. There, they will see all maintenance information and decide whether a trip to an auto body shop is necessary. Many services, like topping off fluids or changing an air filter, can be done at home, saving on maintenance costs.