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Busy Mom is Happy with Husky LinersThursday, July 28, 2011

Category:Experiences & Stories

Please enjoy this recent post we received from a very happy mother ...

As a mom I have a million messes to worry about. It's one thing when we are at home; I'm prepared for that. When they are in the car, it's another story. Vehicle interior is one of the most difficult things for me to clean. It is such a hassle to get under the seat and in all the cracks where my kids' spills inevitably go.

Husky Liners makes cleaning up their messes so much easier. The raised edges of the liners make it so even my toddler can't get his messes on the carpet...the Husky Liners cover the entire floor. I just pull them out and rinse them off with no hassle.

The nibs on the back keep the liners in place when my daughter's soccer team comes rushing in for a ride to the game. The Cargo Liners rubbery finish keep my coolers from tipping over, so the team will always have cold juice pouches after the game and I will have a dry cargo area. On the Husky Liners Facebook page I noticed a picture of the cargo liners hauling a huge pile of landscaping rocks, so I figure my bag of soccer balls and cones is nothing!

My oldest is a swimmer and getting that chlorine smell out of my vehicle's carpet is so hard after he throws his wet towels on the floor. The Husky Liners catch the towel and stop the water from soaking into the carpet, so with a little rinse I'm good to go. If only I could find something to get that smell off my son ...

Thank you for a great product!

- E. W., Stillwater, OK