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Best outdoor winter activitiesTuesday, October 30, 2012

Category:Outdoor and Recreation

If you're planning to head out for an adventure this winter, you'll want to make sure you button up, pack enough emergency items and drive safely, as the weather may get a bit dangerous. Not failing to forget courtesy, you should also be sure to make sure those Husky Liners® mud flaps are in the best condition considering it's easier to dirty up the car behind you when there's snow on the ground.

USA Today recently suggested several places to go this winter that could be enjoyed by a family or a couple looking to get away for a romantic and adventurous weekend.

The country's first national park, Yellowstone National, is recommended for any traveler who is looking for great scenery to snap a picture of. The park becomes a winter wonderland with steaming geysers, more wildlife and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life that you might be used to.

You also have the option of cross-country skiing through the thermal basis to take in the sights and experience the crisp air that the park has to offer. Taking a snowcoach tour is also recommended. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is the park's most breathtaking feature, according to the source. The snowcoaches are heated and lunch is provided for guests, which could make the trip a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

Renting a snowmobile and gliding along the park can also make for a memorable experience. Guides are required to accompany you on the snowmobiles within the park, but not outside the borders in the national forest. Rentals are available to in the neighboring towns or at Old Faithful and Mammoth inside the park.

Death Valley National Park can also be a great option to experience with the family or loved ones on a winter trip. The natural environment is less intimidating during the winter when better temperature allow visitors to experience the scenery more, according to USA Today. Visitors can play on the world's lowest elevation golf course at Furnace Creek, which was opened in 1931 and was later renovated by golf architect Peter Dye.

You can also visit Devi's Racetrack, which is in a remote area of the park where stones leave tracks as they move across the desert surface of a dry lake.

Grand Canyon National Park is also a great option to consider, including the historic El Tovar, which is open year round. The North Rim, which is at a higher elevation, is closed during the winter but the trip could still be worth it, as guests are given the options to ride mules, a historic railroad and learn something worthwhile that you can take back home. Visitors can gain expert knowledge about the park by attending a day-long "Meet the Canyon" class, which is sponsored by the Grand Canyon Field Institute.

If you're looking to stay in a nice lodge while vacationing, you should look no further than Dornan's Spur Ranch Log Cabins at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The lodge is featured next to the Snake River with cabins so guests can view the scenery without leaving the comforts of their rooms.

You could also stay at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls in California, which offers motel-type rooms in one- and two-story building around a service area that would put you right next to restaurants and shops.